Wine Magic

When you have True Fine Wines and Add Food and Company you get Wine Magic. And it is so Awesome that Words Along cannot Explain It. This is something so incredible to the qualify of our life we all need to get educated about it.

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  1. True Fine Wines. These are not something you can easily go and get. Firstly; they are Expensive (when Buying Retail). $125 and up a bottle. While Worth It, there is a Better Way; And You just watched it above! Enroll in this Wine of the Month Club and know that you will only be receiving True Fine Wines.
  2. Incredible Pairings for those True Fine Wines. This is where the Tastes and Experiences of Wine and Food are going to be Awesome. It will never, ever get old. And is timeless, and something that should be passed on through the Generations. (See Below For More on Food and Wine Pairings).
  3. Company of our Loved Ones. Options for this. Firstly (and our favorite); A Romantic “Wine Magic Event” with your Lover. Secondly; To Enjoy a Evening, An Afternoon or a Day with your Loved Ones. Family, Friends, Family that are Friends.

This creates a moment in time “Where Things Will Just Be Different”. Wine Magic Occurs when you Combine True Fine Wine, Great Food Pairings, and the Love of your Desired Company.

Wines that Go With This?

While you can enjoy this Example with any of the True Fines Wines you are about to Receive from our Incredible “True Fine Wines” Wine of the Month Club; here are some set Examples to Use!

Start out with the More Than Muse or Tanya Ricord Rose’. Always a great starting point. Keeping it light before heavy comes in the:

  • Tanya Ricord Moscato or
  • Tanya Ricord Pinot Grigio.
  • Moving into the More Than Muse Sauvignon Blanc
  • or More Than Muse Chenin Blanc.
  • Then there is the More Than Muse Chardonnay.
  • Which then you can go into the Nile Eddy Pinot Grigio,
  • and Donna Walker Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • Adding to it the Linda Horn Cabernet Franc
  • and Ricord Merlot.

Allowing you to Really Indulge in Tastes and “Flavor Parties” to be shared by all.

  • When: Saturdays at 9am PST / 10am MST / 11am CST / Noon EST
  • Where: On Zoom. Meeting ID: 267 159 642 / Or Go Here.
  • Be Ready for Education and Food and Wine Pairings (New Ones Every Saturday). And be able to see the Online Community that is all about creating Wine Magic for Everyone!

If you want to Contact Me personally at any time, just go to the page that is titled Contact Me. I have my email and text number there.