This is a Bio-Hacking Coffee Creamer that Increases your Energy, Suppresses your Appetite and Burns that Unwanted Fat.


So when it comes to Coffee and Losing Weight; it has been done wrong up until now. It is not about making a coffee that helps you lose weight. Face it; its been tried over and over and over. And does it work? Not for all, not for long, and usually the ingredients that make it work are banned soon after its release. As a result of bio-hacking genus, we have plôs® thermo. This is a “SNAP” that you simply squeeze into your favorite hot beverage (or cold beverage) and enjoy. Its a non-dairy creamer, and enhances your already favorite brew.

Our Weightloss Journey has been awesome with this “Thermogetic, Appetite Suppressing, Energy Boosting Snap” has given us. We are so lucky to have found this Bio-Hacking Science For The Win Products! Again, down 65 pounds (into the One-Der Land of Weight) because of this SNAP in addition to the others here!

Simple! We get to lose weight through this bio-hacking non-dairy creamer that enhances our mood, uplifts our spirts and helps with thermogenic properties to burn that stored (unwanted) fat.

Do you know what makes a morning with Coffee even better?

Let this “Amazing” Morning Coffee help you to lose 10-20 pounds of unwanted fat and inches a month!

I am probably a typical person when it comes to my eating habits, routines and lifestyle. Typical that is for a “Foodie”! YES!!! I am a lover of FINE THINGS… and I am very proud of my tastes for Food, Wines, and Chocolate. Now a great piece of Pie, or piece of Cheesecake – well that is hard to pass up as well. You will also notice that food tastes even Better. And while your portion control will naturally decrease, this coffee actually affects you to where you are not wanting to eat and eat for comfort. I have lost over 65 Pounds now and counting. And while it took over 2 years; I am looking Awesome and weigh and look better than I have for over 25 years now.

Here is what I Want. We’ll call it “My Cake”.

We all want to wake up and be excited to get on with the Day. To be Alert and ready to make a difference. For me I want to focus daily on my goals. Financially, Spiritually, Physically, and Mentally.

I Want to be able to Impact the Lives of Others. To help them grow, and build, and to help them create Time, Financial, and overall Freedom.

I want to be able to Eat Fine Foods as I share quality time with others. To enjoy amazing cooking, and the art of Food. I am a huge lover of Wine. And not just any Wine, but Fine Wines. I have blessed and have enjoyed the years of being able to wind down with Wine. To end the day right; to reflect on what was accomplished and to spend time with my Spouse. We enjoy sharing the day, and the plans for the future. Even the future of tomorrow, next week, next month.

These are the Side Effects of me with “My Cake” and me “Eating My Cake” (Before I found my Solution)

I would wake up, eager to face the day. Get the morning coffee going, get situated and going for the day. Pouring everything I could each and every day into making things better, brighter and fuller for everyone I can impact, touch with wisdom and influence to be the best them.

As I do this, I have often enjoyed great food, fine wines; and have been watching as I gain weight slowly and what seems steadily. I’m am even conscious of my health needs, replacing meals with nutritious and low-calorie shakes. I trade bad choices for good choices, so in theory I could still enjoy all the Fine Foods and Fine Wine in the evenings, what I refer to as “celebrating the day”. Though it seems my body and I seem to be at odds; leaving me to constantly battle weight gain, weight Loss, in a battle.

I was constantly doing insane methods to lose 40-50 pounds at a time. These methods are not “Eating My Cake” and always require a lifestyle away from what I enjoy. So of course it’s never going to last, it’s not where I want to be, and so the battle continued.

This is not fun, and I know several people that suffer with it as I did. (DID – keep reading, because this struggle is over).

UNTIL… I found the solution. So I could have my cake, and “Eat my Cake!” And the solution was as easy as changing nothing more than my morning JOE? Literally – that is all – didn’t change anything else!

And these are the Side Effects of me with “My Cake” and me “Eating My Cake” (After I found my Solution)

This is where coffee and wine comes into my life all the time now. Plus I am able to share this with those around me. It is a wonderful thing. I literally feel like I have found the “Unicorn” of weight management. Though I have no intention to keep it a secret and literally share it with anyone I can. We only live once right!

With our plôs® thermo  – Just add this AMAZING stuff to your Coffee (or other beverage of choice). You get to enjoy the taste and flavor; and you get to FEEL GREAT and LOSE WEIGHT. As a result gain help in losing those pesky INCHES around the gut, thighs, butt. You will want to thank me forever, as I am already thanking the friend that share this with me. I am able to lose weight and keep it off without the stresses of crash diets, severe diet or restrictions.

I really just drink 1 to 2 cups of great tasting coffee (using the plôs® thermo as my creamer) throughout the morning. It makes me feel great and gives me a lot of energy. This is proven weight loss that we add to our favorite coffee!  Common sense applied, I Eat sensibly, and enjoy a great Dinner (with Wine) throughout the week. We also have our fun, and “splurges” with our weekly Date Nights. Plus, we get to look and feel great – all because of plôs® thermo. And just wait, there is even more where that came from!

  • No need to exercise!
  • No need to be on any Special Diets!
  • We do not need to measure out anything.
  • No need to change our lifestyles around this.
  • Be set with a Scientific Wonder that allows us to literally eat cake and lose weight!

Life is stressful enough.

The JOB, the Family, the bills… all of it. We do not deserve to suffer with our weight, and fat. We need a helping hand, and it is here in the form of plôs® thermo being added to our favorite Coffee (or other favorite beverage) that delivers us the methods to lose the weight. It literally melts away.

OH, if you need help with the bills; Be sure to check out the Business Side of how we not only lose the weight, but lose the debt! Information available as you get set with your order of plôs® thermo; and you will be able to reach out to me through registering – – – TO THE RIGHT OF THIS ARTICLE ======> to my email newsletter. You can reply straight to me, and we can discuss this further. Or see our Contact Us Information Page.

Want to ENHANCE your Weight Loss? You need to add the power of Bio-Hacking! See it here! It is awesome having this incredible non-dairy creamer plôs® thermo to add to your morning brew. In Addition; We have even more incredible “Awesomeness” to help you sleep, feel better, increase your mental focus and mood, as well as to better your hair, nails, skin and so much more.

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